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For all the people who miss the coffee room experience and the fun breakaway activities! We aim to replace the break room experience in a traditional office, which probably has a dart board, snooker and a ping pong table; into a digital experience for the new normal and progressive remote working culture!


is a gaming platform which allows employees to play short games with each other during breaks or allow HR to organize games for employees to play with larger groups during team events, such as monthly Townhalls, weekly chit chats etc. for next level of employee engagement.

Awesome Games

You will be able to play awesome games on our platform

Interesting Quizzes

You will get interesting quizzes to have fun with your colleagues.

24/7 Access

You'll be able to access our platform 24/7, any time, anywhere.

The Problem

Gaming Experience Redefined

Employee Engagement Platform

The Solution

Why Fundoo Friday

Exciting games and customisable quizzes to choose from.

Easy to create new gaming sessions, add and assign teams and send out invites to employees, just with a few clicks.

You can play both individual, as well as team games on our platform.

Global chat rooms where you can have a live chat with teammates while the game is on.

Pre-scheduling of gaming sessions so that you can assign the break room to be visited later on at your convenience.

Live leaderboard keeps updating the scores of all registered employees in all the different games they have played.

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Fundoo Friday is here for your happy hour! Enter your email ID to get the latest updates and stay connected with us.

Fundoo Friday FAQ

1. How do I make Friday fun at work?

Sometimes, work can get quite stressful for your teams. In this scenario, Fun Friday games come to the rescue and help them maintain a work-life balance. Playing 5-minutes fun games in the office on Fridays enables your teams to take a productive break, ease stress, and eliminate their creative blocks.

The primary goal of Friday fun activities is to reduce stress and promote team building activities. Many corporate offices have already implemented relaxed attire policies like dress-down Friday. Moreover, various fun Friday activities can be easily implemented online and offline at the office.

2. What are the best games to play in the office?

It is no secret that virtual office games and Friday fun activities boost employee engagement and have health benefits too. Some advantages are better mental health, more happiness, increased efficiency, job satisfaction, and lower absenteeism.

Fun Friday games are great morale enhancers as they improve teamwork, communication, and personal bonds and create lifetime memories.

Here are the eleven best games to play in the office:

  • Mini Golf
  • Seven Stones
  • Qriosity
  • Blind drawing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Memory game
  • Minefield
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Heads Up with a twist
  • Charades
  • Murder mystery
  • What is at my desk?

3. How can I have Fun at work virtually?

Remote work culture is taking over the corporate work culture these days. Although remotely distributed teams may not be able to gather in a room or participate in conventional in-person events, that doesn’t mean they can’t socialize, interact, have fun, and engage with one another. In addition, you can use many virtual team building activities and platforms (free and paid) to connect your remote teams.

In contrast to a physical setting where the work is glorified with no play, a workplace where employees can relax, have a stress-free time, and work with enhanced productivity would give better results. All these can be easily attainable using these top-notch virtual fun games.

Not only virtual office games, but you can also involve health challenges in your virtual fun games and motivate your team to stay fit and adopt healthier lifestyles.

4. What is at my desk game?

‘What is at my desk?’ is one of the quick and easy Fun Friday games. In this game, each player takes up one item from their desk and transforms it into a product to sell in the market. So, they must come up with a name, logo, slogan, and marketing plan for their product in a very short time. The span of the game can be 2 to 5 minutes, and it can be played individually or in small groups. ‘What is at my desk?’ is suitable for developing problem-solving skills and creativity among your team members. 

5. Why should we have Fun Friday?

Most people working inside an office find it very monotonous and boring. Most offices work in dead silence, making it a place nobody wants to go to. But, in fact, if you promote Fun Friday games and virtual office games in the workplace, it will enhance the productivity and happiness of your team members.

The happiness of your team members adds to your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). So, if people are happy where they work, they will undoubtedly brag about it. This creates loyalty among your working teams, and your company becomes a hot destination for job aspirants.

Research shows that enterprises with happy employees outperform the competition by 20% as they are 12% more productive. It also states that happy salespeople produce 37% greater sales. 

6. What are the ways to engage the team for Employee Engagement activities?

Employee Engagement (EE) has a prominent role in an enterprise’s success. Engaged employees are invested in their job and emotionally connected to their companies. They are less absent, more productive, and more communicative. There are numerous ways to get employees engaged with their company and profession. Some of the major ones are mentioned below

7. Pain Points and solutions to the team in the context of Employee Engagement?

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business, " says Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group and a billionaire. Today, a strong economy and easy availability of jobs allow most employees to quit their jobs in a moment if they are not happy with the job.Employee engagement (EE) is the key, and some of the major pain points of EE are lack of recognition, poor communication from management, and multiple interruptions. Virtual fun games, virtual office games, fun Friday games, and Friday fun activities can solve most of these pain points of EE.

8. How Fundoo Friday will be a Value Addition to your Employee Engagements activities.

Fundoo Friday (FF) is an online game platform for team building that rolls out short games for employees to play with each other during breaks. Fundoo Friday also allows the Human Resources department (HR) to organize online gaming tournaments for employees taking employee engagement to the next level.Online trivia games like Qriosity by Fundoo Friday promotes teambuilding by quenching the employees’ thirst for knowledge. It can also create a compelling, fun work ambiance by answering icebreaker questions. In addition, Fundoo Friday offers games like Seven Stones and Mini golf that can awaken the inner child in you and take you back to your old nostalgic childhood days.Disclaimer: One size never fits all. Understand your organization and its need for EE, what they need to focus more upon, or what employee engagement category they will love more.

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