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Benefits of Team Building Activities
According To Science, Online Games Benefit Team Building Activities

For the past few decades, online games have been blamed for turning teenagers, millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z) into spoiling their dreams and ambitions (even their lives!) in front of flickering screens. With a little hindsight, we can apparently realize that online video games have fallen victim to the same technophobic mindset once tried to crucify radios, telephones, and even books. The time has arrived to put to rest the myth of online games creating a spoiled generation and to embrace the positive sides of gamification including its advantages of team building activities.

According to science, online video games can teach us valuable skills and can even help people to collaborate better. A 2018 study conducted by Brigham Young University reveals how team building activities benefit from online games. The study that included 80 newly formed teams found that the teams that played online video games together for just 45 minutes displayed 20 percent more productivity than those that engaged in more traditional team-building tasks.

Benefits Of Online Team Building Games And How They Can Foster Community Building At Workplace

Benefits of team building activities are no secret in the corporate workplace. Particularly when the opportunities for face-to-face interaction and direct personal bonding become scarce in the post-pandemic age, online video gaming can be a great way to engage your employees. Latest research points the finger to the fact that playing online video games with your co-workers can build a better workplace community and strengthen team building activities.

Here’s a glimpse at the benefits of team building activities and how online video games can foster healthy, effective teams, and can develop a highly collaborative workplace environment.

First, online video games provide a platform that often mirrors the kinds of interactions that help employees to collaborate better. Those interactions include pursuing mutual goals, allocating resources, negotiating job responsibilities, and problem solving collaborations.

Second, online video gaming builds significant community value among colleagues. Engaging in fun-filled yet challenging activities boosts the morale of the employees. The strong interpersonal relationships that blossom from those interactive activities would be an active ingredient for more effective teamwork.

Online video games offer a different yet virtual realm of interpersonal interaction. The gamers or your employees strike a deal to navigate that virtual space together. It let each of them interact with a different side of their co-workers’ personalities that they would miss in a normal professional setting.

Third, online video game scenarios often imitate real-life team structures, where everyone plays a unique role in achieving a common goal. Virtual games not only benefit each individual to fulfil their particular role, but also helps an individual to make use of the collective intelligence of the workplace community to learn more about their role and the roles of others.

Benefits of Online Games for Team Building

On an individual level beyond collective benefits in the workplace, online video games can help to develop the career skills of the employees. With every passing day, more scientific evidence comes up to support the fact that playing online video games can inculcate and enhance universally desired career skills such as literacy, creativity, and communication. Online video games also inculcate more specialized skills such as spatial reasoning and open-mindedness towards technology.

Today, while enterprises all over the world are embracing technology like never before, many employers look for aptitudes including leadership, strategic thinking, budgeting, and problem-solving in employee candidates. Regularly playing online video games can inculcate these valuable skills in a person.

How to Get Benefits of Fundoo Friday Games for Team Building

Fundoo Friday is a state-of-the-art online gaming platform which allows employees to play short multiplayer games during breaks. By keeping the advantages of team building in mind, Fundoo Friday also allows companies to organize larger online games team events that can take employee engagement to the next level.

Your company’s team building activities benefit from Fundoo Friday as we provide interactive online games, and interesting quizzes with 24X7 access to the gaming platform from anywhere at any time.

A Word Of Caution

Corporates or employers should keep in mind that the personalities and level of enthusiasm of your employees may vary from person to person. The variance in these individual personality traits determines the types of the games a person likes. Not every employee of yours may prefer a super challenging online video game. Therefore, after carefully conducting a thorough personality analysis of the employees, it comes under the sole discretion of the employer to select and deploy the right online video games for the workplace. Only then an employer could create the right kind of gaming experience and achieve desired results in team building activities among the employees.

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