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Fun at Work: Why is It So Important? And, Five Useful Tips

Fun at Work

Fun at Work: Why is It So Important? And, Five Useful Tips

“Why so serious?” everyone would remember this dialogue from the movie Dark Knight delivered by ‘Joker,’ a character forever immortalized by Heath Ledger. However, this dialogue mostly comes to the forefront of most of our minds when it comes to life and work. Why so serious about career and the workplace? Is fun in the workplace a forbidden fruit or something?

Fun, in general, is widely regarded as something that happens outside the boundaries of work hours. Fun at work is popularly conceived as something that distracts and spoils the accuracy of their work and the time they spend at work. Because of all these misconceptions, HR managers often try to micromanage fun activities at the workplace or put a lid on them as if they don’t exist. 

But, contrary to popular notions, fun at work matters, and here we explain why.

The Science-Backed Benefits of a Fun Workplace

According to David Ogilvy, popularly known as the ‘father of advertising, people seldom produce good work without having any fun while doing it. Fun at work catalyzes employee happiness, triggers a more positive mindset, and enjoys higher physical and mental wellbeing levels. A Harvard Business Review report reveals that happy workers are 31% more productive at work. 

As per the study by the Harvard school of public health, business organizations that promote fun at work with higher levels of the physical and mental wellbeing of employees have higher levels of participation and lower levels of work-related errors. 

Fun in the workplace promotes happiness. A research report by Social Market Foundation reveals that happier people tend to be healthier, more inspired, productive, and satisfied in their profession. Dubbed as the happiness advantage, people with a more optimistic mindset perform better in the face of a challenge in life. 

Fun at work energizes employees, and a study into the effect of fun and humor found that workers exposed to fun activities displayed persistence and were better at completing tasks on time.

Five Useful Tips to Bring Fun in The Workplace

Building a fun workplace from scratch is not complicated as it seems. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun,” keep these words of Mary Poppins in mind for extra inspiration. Having fun in the workplace can bring slight changes to the monotonous daily activities that motivate employees to jump into the working hours physically and virtually. It should also be a means of retaining top-performing employees.

Let’s look at five valuable tips to bring fun in the workplace as an HR manager or an entrepreneur. 

1. Create Occasional Fun Office Days

A workplace that runs on a monotonous routine is a recipe for employee disengagement and inefficiency. On the other hand, a fun workplace culture actively involves work and stronger personal bonds. One of the simple and easy ways to make the workplace environment more enjoyable is celebrating fun office days.

Fun office days are not holidays spent at an office. Instead, they happen when a typical working day turns into something interesting that lights up the employees’ workday. A fun office day can be a simple Casual Friday, Ice Cream Day, or ‘Dress Up as Your Favourite Character’ Day. These special days can be developed and celebrated as a tradition in your office. 

2. Build Fun-Filled Activities on Employee Feedback

The best way to create a fun workplace is to develop fun-filled yet engaging activities based on the feedback from your employees. Unfortunately, most HR managers fail to do it because of the hierarchical gap and their serious attitude towards work. Sometimes, what managers might consider fun at work doesn’t turn out to be the same for the employees.

Therefore, it is always better to gather feedback from the employees about what you should do to bring more fun at work. Moreover, they would be happier to help you as it benefits them in return, turning it into an excellent bonding opportunity between the C-suite and the employees.

3. Engage in Virtual Team Building Activities

During these present days of remote working and virtual meetings, virtual team building activities like online games require strategical thinking and skills and collaboration among team members, which can turn an office into a fun workplace. In that fun workplace, employees can boost their creativity and confidence.

Online trivia games like Qriosity  by Fundoo Friday promotes  teambuilding by quenching the employees’ thirst for knowledge. It can also create a compelling, fun work ambiance by answering icebreaker questions. Fundoo Friday offers games like Seven Stones and Mini golf that can awaken the inner child in you and take you back to your old nostalgic childhood days.

Apart from bringing fun in the workplace, online trivia games help combat work-related stress. It inspires team members to communicate well and bond over something they love doing. This learning and collaborative experience during online trivia games can help in the real-world workplace. 

4. Create Friendly Workplace Challenges

Online trivia games are an excellent way to create friendly workplace challenges but hosting real-time, physical workplace challenges can also work wonders. These challenges at office space will let the employees have fun and promote healthy competition among colleagues.

Such fun at work activities increase employee engagement levels, and the winning process during such challenges is gratifying for the workforce. 

5. Celebrate Special Days

Every employee needs attention, care, and appreciation at their workplace. One of the best ways a business organization can do it is by celebrating their employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries. It can also create fun in the workplace and make employees feel that the company they work for values them immensely. More than that, such special occasions provide other team members with an opportunity to celebrate together.

Concluding Thoughts

Bringing gamification into the workplace culture can take the fun work activities of a business organization to the next level. Mini marathons and walkathons can also be added to the challenging gamification of the enterprise. Keeping leaderboards that display the names of the top winners in the games and challenges also boosts employees’ morale and confidence.

Without a doubt, all these fun-filled virtual and physical games and challenges backed by science create a happier yet constantly motivated workforce in your enterprise.

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