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Increase Employee Productivity:

6 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Work

How does a company or an organization continue to motivate its members? Why do some organizations get their employees motivated effortlessly while others struggle to attend to tasks on time?

There are several reasons why employees are not productive anymore and various ways to increase employee productivity. 

What is Employee Productivity?

Employee productivity means that members of the organization are being efficient and effective. They accomplish work on time and produce more tasks in less time. However, productivity is not only about getting the job done. For example, an employee who posts random content on the company’s page is technically doing some tasks, but they are not accurately productive. 

A company’s success depends heavily on how productive the team is. That is why most organizations give utmost consideration to how to increase and maintain employee productivity. 

Benefits of Employee Productivity

When employees are productive, it gives a domino effect to the organization members up to the company as a whole. Here are significant benefits of employee productivity:

Excellent Customer Service

When employees are productive, they promote best practices throughout their work that provide a fulfilling and holistic experience for every customer they attend to. High productivity levels allow a smooth sailing work function and ensure fewer chances of customers being left unattended. 

Improved Engagement

Productive employees always have that willingness to participate and are involved with the company and its activities. It is positive engagement that allows each member to give their opinions and suggestions. 

Greater Fulfilment

When employees are productive, they positively contribute to the organization, giving them a sense of accountability and purpose. This purpose eventually inspires them to strive always to do better. 

What are the Factors that Affect Employee Productivity?

Some would blame the employees for not doing the tasks expected of them. However, unproductivity at work does not stop at members being lazy; several other factors affect this behavior. See some of the main factors below:

Uncontrollable Digital Communication

Surely technology has brought ease and comfort for everyone, including functions at work. Companies use digital communications such as email and chats to streamline and quicken communication. However, with non-stop pings and email alerts seeking attention, employees can find it challenging to focus on daily tasks. There surely might be important emails to address, but too much of them can take away the employee’s attention to other matters at hand, possibly leading them to miss deadlines. 

Failure to Reward or Recognize Employees’ Efforts

It can be exhausting to exert more effort at work, but no one acknowledges the things you do. You tend to be demoralized and lose focus at work. Rewards and recognition do not have not to be monetary. Simply saying thank you for a well-done job goes a long way for an employee to feel valued. As a result, they will feel motivated and be more productive in every task they do. 

Old Performance Management Strategies

For years now, you may have been used to having an annual performance evaluation. However, in this fast-paced working environment, the goals your company has set now may not be as effective after a few months. Outdated plans will surely fail to help develop the knowledge and skills of your employees, which will, in turn, affect your company. 

What are the Ways to Increase Employee Productivity?

The workplace can be filled with engaged and happy employees; however, they can also be less productive than they are expected to be. Some companies have great work environments, but employees are not engaging enough. The challenge is to promote productivity and a harmonious workplace. Here are a few ways to increase employee productivity at work. 

Promote Learning Opportunities

Employees are expected to do their jobs at work. However, it would also be exciting for them to experience training and other learning opportunities to better their craft. It is not only about learning for the company’s sake, but you are giving them a chance to improve themselves as individuals too. There are also companies that offer scholarships, so their members can further their studies. 

Provide Your Team Members with Technology

Employees with the right tools seem to perform their jobs accurately. Providing your employees with equipment and other tools is an excellent first step to increase employee productivity. 

Specify Company Culture

A company’s culture consists of several vital aspects like ethics, goals, company vision, and work environment. An environment that emphasizes teamwork and relationship building increases employee productivity. It begins when a company adjusts work functions, ensuring new employees work harmoniously to motivate and energize current ones. 

Promote Engagement

Employee engagement involves giving each one the chance to speak up their suggestions and opinions about co-employees and the company as a whole. Companies also conduct gatherings and team buildings to build camaraderie among members.

However, with most employees now working remotely, it can be hard to gather them quickly. Hence, virtual platforms like Fundoo Friday allow employees to have short games and quizzes with co-employees during breaks or other team events like weekly chit-chats and Town Halls for better employee engagement.

Design Aligned Goals with Performance

Having specified plans for employees will encourage them to follow an established and well-designed system of work functions and have ownership of it, resulting in better performance and productivity. 

Optimize Meetings

All companies conduct meetings for several reasons. Some even do them several times a day. However, too many meetings can take a toll on the employees. To optimize meetings, companies should define a clear purpose and objective for every meeting. It’s also essential to build a culture where a meeting does not occur unless a purpose and plan are created ahead of time. 

Final Thoughts

There are probably more ways to increase employee productivity. Still, you see, to make it work, there has to be a constant effort for companies to be aware of what needs to be done to keep higher employee productivity and for employees to be more open for opportunities and possible positive changes in the company. The two key elements must work hand in hand to get better results as an organization. 

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