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Online Gaming Platforms

Online Gaming Platforms for Employee Engagement Practices

Online Gaming Platforms

Employee Engagement Practices Through Online Gaming Platform

The online gaming industry has been growing impressively during the Corona pandemic. Thanks to the companies worldwide for keeping their employees working remotely from home. These stay-at-home, remotely working workforce were constantly searching for new forms of entertainment to keep them out of boredom and the online gaming platforms perfectly fit their purpose.

Today, when the whole world is mulling over getting back to their old work culture, does the online gaming industry lose its recently found popularity and growth? 

The insiders and professionals who closely watch the online gaming world paint a different picture. They strongly state that the world after the pandemic wouldn’t be the same world we had lived through. They are highly confident that the online gaming industry would flourish in the post-pandemic world. 

Welcome to the ‘New Normality’.

The popular, age-old global work culture may take years to revive, or it may not sustain the new challenges of the post-pandemic era. The stay-at-home employees who have to face flexible remote working hours with lesser monitoring, and less commuting to offices are prone to boredom and anxiety disorders more than ever before in their careers. 

In this new normal scenario, the online gaming platforms integrated with the latest interactive technology will replace interactions at the office during lunch and coffee breaks. During the pandemic, video conferencing applications like Zoom and communication platforms like Slack greatly transformed the way employees interact with each other. The pandemic also taught both employers and employees how to increase their productivity while working remotely and how to seek entertainment hinging on the latest interactive digital technologies.

Online Gaming Platforms Boost Employee Engagement.

The pandemic has transformed the way we interact, work, and seek entertainment. Now, it’s the time to learn and grow to face the new challenges posed by the post-pandemic era. For an enterprise to sustain its brand value and boost its growth, particularly in post-CoVID era, nurturing a better employee experience is more important than ever before.

Here we look at how online gaming platforms can greatly assist employee engagement and aid employers to develop a holistic approach to improve employee satisfaction in the long run.

1. Enhances Memory, Attention and Retention

Enhances Memory, Attention and Retention

Winning games on online gaming platforms demands higher attention span, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills from players. It also requires players to retain a lot of information to improve their gaming skills. Thus, online gaming platforms can help employees to improve both short and long-term memory and enhance their brain power for quicker information processing. Certain games can also inculcate perseverance and uplifts the imagination of the players, that is, your employees.

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2. Improves Multitasking Skills

Multitasking Skills

In today’s world inundated with information, and distractions from WhatsApp pings and email alerts, multitasking is a high in demand skill to be developed. Online games, particularly multiplayer games, call for greater attention and quicker response from the players. Various recent studies have shown that these types of online games can hone multitasking skills in players.

3. Virtually Nurture Real-World Skills

Virtually Nurture Real-World Skills

The virtual world of online games can develop real-world skills in the players. Your employees can learn how to apply strategic, analytical, and logical reasoning. They also learn to assess risk and reward, equipping themselves to be flexible in accordance with changing times and challenges posed by real-life situations.

Online gaming platforms not only offer a virtual haven for escapism, but also at times connect you to people from all over the globe. This fun-filled connectivity offers players a great way to explore different cultures and perspectives from all over the world.

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4. Promotes Working Relationships

Promotes Working Relationships

Human beings, whether we work remotely or stay away from family, are basically social animals. Herd instinct and socializing behaviour are deeply imprinted in our DNA. Online games, both at personal and professional levels, can nurture human relationships through interactive virtual moments.

Online multiplayer games allow employees to don a number of roles and teach them how to manage a team to win the game. These interactive virtual experiences can be a great way to enhance collaboration, improve working relationships and build confidence among employees in the real world.

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Bottom Line

Even after complete vaccination or development of herd immunity among the masses all over the globe, the Corona is here to stay, and we must live along with it. The new challenges posed by the post-pandemic world demand us to embrace digital technology for our professional and entertainment needs.

Since entertainment is a major part of human life and culture, online gaming platforms are here to stay; moreover, set to thrive in the coming days. Fundoo Friday empowers enterprises to organize interactive online games that can be played among employees during work breaks. The online gaming platform also comes with a wider scope for organizing games with larger player bases outside the company. Hence elevating employee engagement to the next level. 

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