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Online Social Gaming and Its Benefits for Employees

Social games, also known as social network games, social media games, or social video games, are played primarily through social networks or social media. They are typically multiplayer games. These casual games are distributed through existing social network relationships with other users through invite systems, news feed sharing, user-to-user notifications, or paid acquisition. 

While online social games share many aspects of traditional video games, they possess some additional features that make them unique. They have developed inside the virtual social networking ecosystem, unlike conventional online video gaming. Through social gaming platforms, netizens can play online games, compare scores, challenge each other, and engage in various other interactive activities. The diverse demographics of the online social gaming platforms render inspiration and arouse curiosity among players. In addition, online social gaming allows gamers to create unique content and avatars by tapping into a gamer’s existing social network. This feature has made online social games such as Mafia Wars, and Farmville incredibly successful.

Social gaming was popular even before 2020, but it was the CoVID-19 pandemic that expanded the horizons of the industry. The pandemic-induced isolation compelled many people to find a new way to release their stress, fill their loneliness, seek entertainment, and build social connections. Online social gaming was an effective solution. It is even more noteworthy that the level at which online social gaming influences every aspect of human socializing and makes playing games with friends more accessible than ever before.

Online Social Games Benefits Employees

More research and technological advancements are happening in online social games. But there are nonetheless certain aspects of online social games which have proven to be particularly beneficial to the productivity and engagement of employees.

Here are some of the ways online social games can benefit employees: 

A Casual Gaming Experience

Most online social games provide shorter spans of relaxation or distraction for the players. These games come with low entry barriers, manageable challenges, and casual gaming fun focused on themes related to our everyday lives. 

Online social gaming provides shorter breaks or interruptions to support the players who want shorter periods of social gaming experience. It also allows players to quickly take a break and resume the game at any time. 

Online Social Gaming Develops Resource Management Skills

Online social games benefit the employees by compelling them to manage resources to achieve specific goals in the game. The players are required to make critical decisions with limited resources available. Therefore, it develops their resource management skills. For instance, online social games like Farmville allow you to grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise livestock on your very own farm. 

It Teaches Time Management

Most of the online social games are shorter casual video games. But it introduces the players to the dynamics of time management. It requires the players to perform or complete a task within a shorter time. The successful completion of the task receives applauds from fellow gamers and is bestowed with rewards. 

Online Social Games Enhance Social Interactions

Online social gaming encourages and facilitates two main types of social interactions –action-based and discussion-based–to keep players engaged. Action-based interaction happens when gamers interact about an ongoing game to achieve their in-game objectives. On the other hand, discussion-based interactions can range from general discussions to a specific online social game. Both these interactions can build a meaningful relationship and team-based cooperation among employees. 

It Promotes Sportsmanship

Since online social gaming platforms are linked with social networking sites, the gamers can share their game statistics and scores with a broader audience. The positive feedback and comments from friends and other fellow gamers can trigger a sense of engagement and achievement among social gamers. It can also foster healthier competition and sportsmanship among gamers compelling them to raise their bars and achieve further goals.

As mentioned above, more people access online social gaming platforms through their mobile devices. It allows a person to play games anytime, anywhere, and on any data-enabled device, even while they are on the go. Mobile-based online social gaming enables everyone to fruitfully occupy their free time, which would have been wasted by doing nothing. Today, there is an excellent variety of online social games available. A business organization can provide its employees with the one that suits their needs and quench their thirst for entertainment and engagement.

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