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18 Online Team Building Games You Must Try

According to a 2019 Owl Labs survey, at least 18% of the world’s workforce works remotely on a full-time basis. The number of people working remotely is expected to grow even further and at a faster pace, given the onset of the pandemic. As more and more establishments switch to a remote workforce, online team building is becoming necessary.

Online team building games enable you to create relationships and foster collaboration among workforces. Both are vital elements for the growth and success of any organization. Contrary to what one might assume, there are pretty many online games for team building out there.

So, if you, as an HR head, are considering having amazing free online games for remote teams on board, here’s a list of the 18 most interesting games to make your next team building session exciting.

Here, we look at 18 of the most interesting ones that will be fantastic for your next team-building session.

List of Online Team Building Games for Remote Employees

Below is a list of free online team building games. From Qriosity to Seven Stone to Bingo, you will find interesting and fun games to play with remote teams. 

1. Qriosity

Qriosity is a Quiz competition you can use to engage your team competitively. You can have them participate individually or in small groups. The competition aims to test their knowledge and understanding of different topics. You can customize the questions to suit your gaming categories.

To play Qriosity with your team , sign up for 90 days free trail 

2. Seven Stone

Source : Ancient Living

Seven stone or Lagori is an ancient Indian game played by two teams with balls and seven flat stones. When playing, a member from one of the teams throws the ball to knock down the flat stones. The respective team members then try to rearrange the stone pile while the opposite teams try to hit their opponents with the ball and refrain them from rearranging the stone pile.

Lagori is very effective at enhancing hand-eye coordination, concentration, and also strategy building. This online team building game can also help improve social skills, making it very ideal for your remote team. Playing it online can be challenging but would be more fun.

To play Seven Stone , sign up for 90 days free trail 

3. Online Team Building Game Bingo

Zoom Game - Team Building Bingo

Image: Pixabay

Bingo is one of the super fun virtual game for team building to play for most people. All you need to do is download and distribute the virtual bingo boards to your team members before you can start playing.

When it comes to the actual playing, the players only need to understand the game’s rules and timeline. However, it is also vital that you keep track of the results and come up with prizes for the players who complete challenges first. 

Learn more about online team building game bingo

4. Murder in Ancient Egypt

Murder in Ancient Egypt - Zoom Game

                                         Source: Columbia College 

If you are looking for a collaborative game that will encourage teamwork amongst your staff, murder in ancient Egypt is perfect. What’s more, the game can also help sharpen problem-solving skills and force players to think harder.

As the name suggests, the game is based on a mysterious murder that the players have to solve. Unlike many other virtual team building activities, this one is fully facilitated by a host and co-host. It takes around 90 minutes to play and will be perfect for teams looking for competitive and collaborative games.

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5. War of the wizards


War of the wizards is quite an engaging remote team building game that any team would enjoy playing. Like murder in ancient Egypt, the game is a facilitated event, and it will take around 90 minutes to play. It is quite a comprehensive game that incorporates several elements like puzzle solving, storytelling, and escape rooms.

In the war of the wizards, the players become minions for the wizards and have to solve puzzles, tell stories and complete various other challenges. The main aim is to bring the war to an end, and the game accommodates all skill levels, meaning anyone can play.

Learn more about  war of the wizards

6. 3 truths and a lie

3 Truths a Lie Zoom Game

Image: Pixabay

For those looking for a quick and easy virtual games for team building that does not take a lot of time, 3 truths and a lie is a perfect option. The game takes just 10 to 15 minutes to play, and the rules are pretty simple.

To play, you need to make a Zoom or any other video conference call. Each member of your team then has to tell three truths and one lie. The others then have to guess the lie to get points. The players need to keep the lie realistic to make it harder to guess.

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7. Five clicks away

Five Clicks Away

                                                  Source: Atlassian

Five clicks away is a online team building game that tests logic and can be quite fun once the players master the concept. Here you have to provide a starting topic and an end one, where the players have to get to in just 5 clicks.

For this game, the players start on one page of Wikipedia and use the many internal links to get to the end page. For example, you can have Rihanna as the starting point and French fries as the endpoint. At first, the game might be a little complicated, but it should still be engaging enough and competitive for the team.

Learn more about five clicks away

8. Spreadsheet Battleship

                                             Source: ExcelSuperSite

If you have a team of 3 to 10 individuals, spreadsheet battleship is a nostalgic enough game for your team building. All you need to play is to ensure that each team member has a game board and knows how to place ships on the board.

When playing, the players will choose another player and name a cell on their gameboard, for example, B-10. The receiving player then has to say whether the cell selection sunk their shop or was a miss. The sequence continues to the next player, and the last player with ships remaining is the winner.

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9. Guess the Refrigerator

Source: WKYC

Anything that jogs the brain is always welcome when it comes to team building games. A publication in the American Psychology Association journal concluded that these games could help improve the brain’s processing speed and cognitive function. Hence, a brain jogging game like guess the refrigerator can be handy for your team.

For this virtual team building game, the players have to submit a photo that shows the contents of their refrigerator. These photos are then posted to a platform where the others try to guess which refrigerator belongs to the team. The player that makes the correct guesses wins the game.


10. Lightning Scavenger Hunts

                                        Source: Sunshine Whispers

Scavenger hunts are always a fun way for a team to work together. While physical ones will take you to some very remarkable places, it is also possible to play them virtually as a game for online team building. The hunts use search mechanics like Google and Wikipedia, and you can spice them up by speeding up things.

When playing the lightning scavenger hunts, you will give your team members a rapid series of clues. The players should then rush to hunt for the item and find them first win points. 

Learn more about zoom scavenger hun

11. Water Shot Team Building Game

                                    Source: Timeout Entertainment

Although this is not necessarily completion, it is still quite an effective way to engage your team. Its main aim is to build healthy habits and lifestyles by encouraging your team members to take more water.

With this game, you need to set specific prompts for everyone to take a glass of water. For example, the rule might be that everyone has to drink a full glass of water anytime someone in the team gets a call.

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12. Virtual Werewolf

                                                     Source: Steam

Virtual werewolf is one of those virtual team building games you can be sure every member of your remote team will love. Also, it relies mainly on spoken word, meaning it is pretty easy for a virtual team to play. It entails assigning different roles to the players such as werewolf, seer, medic, villagers, and hunter.

The narrator distributes the roles via private message. Once the parts are assigned, the narrator directs when it is time for each type of payer to wake up. The ultimate goal is to have only the werewolves or villagers remain.

Learn more about virtual werewolf

13. Typing Speed Competition

Typing speed Competition

                                                    Source: GHacks

Nobody wants to bring work into team building, but typing speed competitions are more fun than work, regardless of how it might sound. Here you can have the team member compete on simple typing tasks. 

Also, you can divide the players into small teams and do some form of typing speed relays to add some extra fun to the competition. Besides this being a competitive remote team building game, it also helps sharpen the typing speed of your remote employees. Faster typing speeds are beneficial for the organization.


14. Sudoku Throw-Down

Image: Pixabay

Sudoku is a classic game that most people have played at some point. But, what you might not know is that it also makes a good online team building game. For team building, the throw-down version is perfect.

To play the game, you only need to send the team members a Sudoku game board and challenge them to complete it as first as possible. Whoever finishes the game first while maintaining 100% accuracy is the winner. Some prizes for the winner can be handy for motivating the players.


15. Tiny Campfire

Source: tinycampfire

The campfire is one of those things many people would look forward to during physical team building. But, for remote employees, the tiny campfire is as close to this experience as it can get.

With this hosted event, you get a comprehensive package that includes ghost stories, competitive games, and icebreakers. However, before the event, the team needs to gather a few things, such as matches and a tealight candle.

Learn more about tiny campfire

16. Can You Hear me Now?

Can you hear me

                                                    Source: Goodreads

This game is not just all fun and play as it also tests the players’ online communication skills. There are two characters in the game, which are the artist and speaker. The game starts with the speaker generating a random image with an online image generator. The speaker then describes the image, and the artist has to draw it.

One twist in this remote team building game is that the speaker can only use geometric shapes to describe the image. For example, the speakers can tell the artists to start by drawing a large square or circle. The aim of limiting and restricting instructions is to ensure the speaker is exceptionally accurate when communicating. Also, the artist needs to listen and interpret them keenly.

17. Virtual Dance Party

                                             Source: Studio Code

The virtual dance party will probably end up being your team’s favorite team building activity. You can have a dance-off as a single event during your team building or use it as a short break when doing different online games for remote teams.

For this competition, you need to have a good playlist of songs that are easy to dance to. Also, the team members do not need to be good dancers as this is not a competition. Provided one can move to the beat, that should be enough.

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18. NATO Phonetic Alphabet

                                                   Source: Pinterest

Learning the NATO phonetic alphabet also makes a good online team building game. The alphabet has 26 code words, and it is easier to understand than many people might assume. You can make this activity more competitive by giving the team a few minutes to learn the alphabet and then having each say them aloud. 

The person that remembers the most codes is the winner. If everyone seems to know all the code words by any chance, you can still add a twist by having them recite them backward from “Zulu” to “Alpha.”

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that a virtual or remote team building game is a fantastic idea for any organization with remote employees. Besides giving the team a much-needed break and opportunity to mingle with fellow workmates they rarely see, it comes with several other benefits.

Key among the benefits of virtual team building is improved team collaboration. Additionally, it ensures better team communication, improved company reputation, and building team culture. What’s more, it can help increase employee retention and job satisfaction.

As an HR, there is more to taking care of your remote workforce than just financial remuneration. So, finding interesting online team building activities to bring them together will always keep the team happy and motivated.

In fact, Fundoo Friday is one such platform that enables your remote teams to play games. You’ll find a plethora of games here for your fun activities. Are you planning to host an online team building session soon? Sign up as our beta customer and leverage the benefits.

FAQ: Online Team Building Games

1. What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building are sessions and activities that help the team grow together. The Virtual team building usually includes activities and sessions where the team gathers together to relax and spend time together doing things apart from work. This helps teammates to get to know each other as well as helps in boosting morale.

2. What are virtual team building games?

These are games that can be played online by a large group and can also be easily played and presented online in one of the virtual meeting apps such as zoom, Microsoft teams or Googlemeet. Some examples of such games are icebreaker questions, dumbsharas, and Two truths and a lie. 

3. Why is virtual team building important?

Virtual Team building activities build up teamwork, trust, familiarizes the team with each other, reduces conflicts and overall promotes good work cultures among the team. They are also really good for the team to destress and relax. 

4. What are the benefits of virtual team building?

There are many benefits of virtual team building activities such as; it makes the team grow closer together, it reinforces a positive work team, builds diverse relationships between the team members, and it also promotes productivity.

5. How do you engage a virtual team?

The best way to engage a virtual team is by hosting regular virtual meetups where you can interact  with your teammates. Have sessions where you are interacting with them one-on-one and also have sessions where you are interacting with all of your team members. Make sure that there are regular meetups where you just relax and play games together. 

6. How Fundoo Friday can help in virtual team building

Fundoo Friday provides their users with a product that can help them facilitate the team building activity and gives them a tool that can be used in these meetups where all of the team members can participate in the fun activities and games provided by Fundoo Friday. It is easy to use and has many different options for games that your coworkers can choose from. 

7. How do you make virtual team meetings fun?

You can have team meetups where the team all comes together to participate in team building activities such as playing games or just chatting and getting to know each other. Some of the games that can be played in these virtual meetups are Trivia games, Escape rooms, and Murder Mystery. Playing games with your colleagues can give you an insight into your team members and have you become closer with them. 

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