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Five Reasons To Embrace Online Corporate Games To Boost Employee Engagement

Online Corporate Games
Five Reasons To Embrace Virtual Corporate Games To Boost Employee Engagement

The times are moving very fast since the advent of smartphones, high speed internet connectivity, and the recent CoVID-19 pandemic. Along with all these paradigm shifts in technology and times; corporate world has also witnessed a greater transformation. Virtual offices, remote working and virtual corporate games have become the norm of the day in the corporate world. Forbes magazine forecasted that by 2025, 70% of the corporate workforce will work remotely.

If you are a corporate leader who values higher employee engagement, this is the right time to overhaul your employee workplace strategies. It is convenient to create employee engagement in a physical workplace but doing the same in a remote work ecosystem is a bit challenging. 

Anyway, incorporating online corporate games in your enterprise’s workplace ecosystem can simplify this process. Virtual corporate games are an excellent tool to create higher employee engagement especially when your workforce is working remotely. 

The goal of this article is to highlight the significance of your workforce playing corporate games online and achieving higher employee engagement through the process. 

Here are the five reasons to embrace virtual corporate games to boost employee engagement.

1. Online corporate games are stress busters

Employee burnout, dullness and frustration are the results of working for long hours in front of the computer screen. A recent report by the UN states that roughly 40% of the workers experience high stress while remote working. Remote working misses the joy of physical corporate games, and in-person interactions.

If you can smartly plan and incorporate online corporate games into your enterprise’s remote workplace, it helps your employees to manage their stress. When stress levels of your employees come down, their productivity and mental wellbeing will shoot up.

2. Virtual Corporate Games Can Boost Creativity

According to IBM, 74% of CEOs believe that creativity is essential for a business’s success. In fact, creativity and engagement go hand in hand. So, to keep the creative juices flowing, employees should be engaged in a playful yet challenging manner. What can be a better option than online corporate games to challenge and engage remote workers?

Remote workers can engage in playing corporate games online to develop creativity and critical thinking in them. There are tons of online corporate games available to fulfil this purpose.  

3. Online Corporate Games Strengthens Employee Relationships

In the corporate world, collaboration and teamwork play a major role. In most instances, the employees have to work in teams to achieve common goals. The cordial relationships of the colleagues play a major role in the efficiency of the teams.

It is a well-known fact that healthier employee relationships are vital for employee engagement. Video calls and online chats have their own limitations to foster healthier employee relationships in a remote working ecosystem.

Again, virtual corporate games come for the rescue. There are a wide range of highly interactive online corporate games that inculcate healthy sportsmanship, deeper familiarity and effective team building among employees.  

4. Virtual Corporate Games Gives Everyone A ‘Voice’

Employees come with different personality types. Some are shy while some are active. While a few are extroverts, some of them are introverts. Some love to stick on to their jobs all the time while some need a playful break every now and then. However, every employee should engage in one way or another to create a happy and stress-free workplace.

Playing corporate games online gives every employee a chance to participate, and gives a ‘voice’ to express themselves. These games can give a positive interactive experience for every employee, particularly the shy and introverted ones.

Online corporate games can build their confidence, make them comfortable to speak up and participate in decision-making. Organizing virtual corporate games is not only a perfect way to make employees expressive but also to inculcate leadership qualities in them. 

5. Online Corporate Games Help to Create and Identify Leaders

Virtual corporate games not only boost employee engagement but also inculcate critical thinking, analytical skills, and perseverance in your workforce. All these imperative qualities can help the growth of your business organization.

Online corporate games can also provide an insight into the psychology of your talent pool. Playing corporate games online reveals the skills, attitudes, and problems of your employees. You can easily identify leaders and quitters by observing how they play the games, deal with their teams and opponents, and face the challenges.

Employees with leadership qualities can help to efficiently plan your future business policies, promotion strategies, and delegation efforts – essential decisions for your organization’s success. 

Wrapping It Up

Today, job satisfaction is an obsolete concept and the buzzword in the current corporate world is employee engagement. Both employees and employers have realized it as an established fact and began to look at it in a macro perspective.

Today’s remote working ecosystem has made employee engagement a bit complex. Anyway, online corporate games help team-building activities of your employees while boosting their productivity and intelligence. 

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