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Remote Work Challenges

Five Remote Work Challenges That Can Be Overcome by Online Gamification

Remote Work Challenges
Five Remote Work Challenges That Can Be Overcome by Online Gamification

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Today, this age-old proverb is gaining relevance even in the corporate work culture. The pandemic-induced Work from Home (WFH) culture has resulted in employees’ isolation and boredom. Consequently, overcoming remote work challenges became a significant obstacle for most enterprises worldwide. 

You may think of online gaming and the remote workplace as
conflicting concepts. But most corporates are beginning to realize gamification has a lot to offer in solving various challenges of remote work. Online gaming – a fun-filled, entertaining, and trivial activity – can be adopted in corporate work culture to improve employee engagement and productivity.

business productivity, employee engagement, and overcoming the challenges of working remotely, businesses continue to search for ways to incorporate serious gamification in their work culture. In addition, online gaming can help business organizations to educate, engage and entertain their employees in equal measure.

Here are
five significant challenges of working remotely and solutions offered by online gamification.

1. Social Isolation of Remote Workers

An office-based work culture always has a socializing element attached to it. Naturally, no employer wants this socializing element to adversely impact their employees’ productivity. But, in a precise sense, regular social interaction among employees is vital for their mental health and morale. Unfortunately, WFH lacks it, turning it into one of the top challenges of working remotely.

Solution :

The latest communication technologies come to the rescue. They can provide something similar to typical office-based social interaction. Cloud-based communication solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom can at least bring down the impact of social isolation, one of the severe challenges of remote work. Every enterprise management team should create a company culture in which employees use these communication tools not only for business communication but also for personal interactions. 
On top of that, creating an interactive channel like online gaming can boost employee engagement and productivity. Playing online games with their colleagues can bring down the social isolation experienced by some employees. 

2. Productivity Levels Drop as One of The Remote Work Challenges

Although it has been believed that the productivity among remote workers tends to be higher, every remote worker will not deliver higher productivity. Therefore, for employers, one of the critical challenges of working remotely involves maintaining employees’ productivity as they do in the office-based workplace under in-person supervision.

Solution :

Regular communication with the remote working staff can help keep their productivity levels up, especially when combined with clear goal-setting. Along with that, without compromising on their privacy, employee activity and performance monitoring software may help employers identify unproductive remote workers.
This remote work challenge can also be tackled by implementing interactive online gamification in the remote work ecosystem. Solving puzzles, tackling virtual obstacles, and virtual strategy planning during online gaming helps to bring up the productivity level of employees. 

3. Unfit Home Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the priority of most business organizations when they purchase office equipment and furniture. An efficient ergonomics plays a significant role in limiting the issues associated with the physical discomfort of the employees while working. On the other hand, inefficient ergonomics can lead to the loss of productivity and increased boredom among employees, adding to the challenges of working remotely.
If the remote working employees don’t have access to good equipment, furniture, and a productive work environment, it could lead to long-term physical and mental discomfort. Moreover, the unfit ergonomics can adversely affect the fun and engagement derived from online gamification. 

Solution :

Every enterprise should take the time to educate their workforce about physical discomfort issues ranging from sitting posture to the position of the computer screen and the importance of light. An enterprise must invest, without hesitance, to create a perfect home office to tackle these remote work challenges. Interactive online games can also compel employees to keep up with their posture, computer position, and other elements of perfect workplace ergonomics. 

4. Inefficient Collaboration Adds to The Challenges of Working Remotely

Collaboration among the workforce stands as one of the grave challenges of working remotely. Physical interaction, without a doubt, sparks new ideas and creates personal bonds among employees. Remote working may adversely affect creativity and innovation within a business organization.

Solution :

Again, collaborative communication technologies like Microsoft Teams play a crucial role in collaboration among remote workers. But management should also apply careful attention to encourage every employee’s participation. As digital technology advances exponentially, an enterprise should deliver the proper hardware and software to boost employees’ collaborative activities. Online games are also an excellent tool for overcoming remote work challenges and enhancing collaboration among remote working employees in this Digital Age.

5. Work-Life Balance Issues as Remote Work Challenges

Bringing work-life balance is among the biggest challenges of working remotely, which can have drastic consequences on employers. The work-life balance issues could involve overworking, underworking, daydreaming, or unproductive discussions, especially under distractions at home during remote working. 

Solution :

Like Jack, working all the time with no play, anyone can turn into a dull person. Monitoring your employees and identifying how much time they spend on their job will help. But more than that, implementing suitable online games in the remote working ecosystem brings a better work-life balance among employees. Access to a physical workplace or an interactive online gaming event also helps in overcoming these remote work challenges. 

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