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Top 9 Online Team Building Platforms for Remote Teams

Team Building Platforms

Nine of The Best Virtual Team Building Platforms for Remote Teams

In the current CoVID-19 induced Work from Home (WFH) ecosystem, virtual team building is gaining prominence, boosting the popularity of virtual team building platforms. These team-building websites are vital for remote teams because they inspire and uplift their spirits.

The way team members communicate, be it virtual or physical, determines the team’s success and efficiency. Unfortunately, when the employees work remotely, they lack direct face-to-face communication and ineffective interpersonal communication. So, a business organization should build trust and cordial relationships among remote team members for their personal wellbeing and company growth. Towards this end, a virtual team-building platform can help.

This article lays out a few essential team building websites that offer free and premium team-building pursuits and online games for remote teams.

List of Online Team Building Platforms

1. FunTrivia

TriviaMaker helps you to create various interactive trivia games for your remote team. This online team-building platform offers four different game styles – List, Grid, Multiple Choice, and Wheel – lets you choose from them and customize the game according to your choice.

You can add a team logo, company symbol, or brand color to create a familiar ambiance in the games. You can also name the teams and add your favorite theme song. In addition, TriviaMaker gives you the freedom to create your own categories, questions, and answers. This cloud-based freemium team-building platform is cross-platform supported.

2. Team Building

Team Building is a virtual team-building platform that lets remote teams participate in more than 30 virtual events. In addition, players can indulge in games for 60-90 minutes through popular virtual meeting applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex.

This team-building platform provides engaging games like Ghost Hunt, Virtual Murder Mystery, Halloween Party, etc., and virtual activities that enhance engagement among the remote teams. Virtual team-building activities include trivia quizzes, group physical exercises, storytelling, and comedy workshops.

This virtual team-building platform offers most games and activities priced between $30 and $50 per player. Anyway, the price may vary depending on the team size and the level of customization.

3. Fundoo Friday

Fundoo Friday is an online game platform for team building that rolls out short games for employees to play with each other during breaks. Besides, Fundoo Friday enables prescheduling of games and lets your Human Resources department (HR) organize online gaming tournaments. All these latest gaming features can ease the strain on your HR, and they can easily keep the momentum of employee engagement higher.

Online trivia games like Qriosity by Fundoo Friday promotes team-building by quenching the employees’ thirst for knowledge. It can also create a compelling, fun work ambiance by answering icebreaker questions. In addition, Fundoo Friday offers games like Seven Stones and Mini golf that can awaken the inner child in you and take you back to your old nostalgic childhood days.

Fundoo Friday offers a 90-day free trial. However, if you prefer to go ahead without taking a trial, the paid subscription of Fundoo Friday starts from the ‘Starter’ Pack for a single user. The team-building platform also has multi-player subscription packages named Professional and Enterprise. The Enterprise package accommodates more than 501 users per month. In case of any gaming glitches, the Fundoo Friday team is always there to assist you.

4. The Offsite Co

The Offsite Co is a virtual team-building platform that lets an enterprise organize next-level virtual team activities for people between 25 and 10,000. You can customize every game according to your company culture and preferred technologies. The team-building platform enriched with virtual activities like public trivia and a live scavenger hunt also offers online games like Treasure Mountain, Alpha Centauri, and Rube Goldberg.

5. QuizBreaker

If you are looking for a perfect Virtual team-building platform for fun icebreaker quizzes to engage your team, QuizBreaker is the right one for you. Its short quizzes (only two minutes per round) helps in virtual team bonding.

QuizBreaker allows you to add your own trivia questions, besides providing you with the curated set of 100 icebreakers. This online game platform for team building lets players participate in the quiz and allows the virtual teams to interact via comments and emojis.

QuizBreaker, an excellent team-building platform, is cross-platform supported and secures your data through SSL encryption. In addition, the virtual games and activities in QuizBreaker are priced at a monthly subscription of only $3 per user and offer a 21-day free trial.

6. Quiz Coconut

Quiz Coconut is one of the best virtual team-building platforms available today that guarantee virtual fun-filled moments for your teams working remotely. The virtual activities that can last up to 60-90 minutes are suitable for all ages and engage employees with varying personalities and moods.

This virtual team building platform is a boon for employees who work remotely. They can participate in General Knowledge trivia and game shows like Name That Tune, Interactive Challenge, and Fastest Fingers First. Moreover, Quiz Coconut hosts the activities, easing the complexities of virtual team building.

Quiz Coconut’s activities are priced between $750 and $1500 depending on the team size and event date and time. You should directly contact this online game platform for team building to get a quote.

7. Go Remote

On this virtual team-building platform, you get a wide array of virtual activities that offer connection, competition, and fun at the same time. In addition, the paid subscription of this online game platform for team building comes with benefits like live hosts, top-class features, video interaction, and many more.

The size of the teams doesn’t matter for Go Remote. It can accommodate a large crowd of up to 10,000 people. The standard pricing for a small game room for 10 people starts from $299. Some of the games provided by this online game platform for team building include Giphy Battle, Pub Trivia, Lip Dub, and Fact Match.

8. Scavify

Challenges and rewards are the best ways to keep people engaged and happy. Being a unique team-building platform, rolling out challenges, and gifting rewards is what Scavify does. Scavify ensures your remote working employees engage in a fun-filled activity rather than a boring Zoom meeting.

A few engaging virtual activities of Scavify include the photo and video challenges, QR Code scan challenge, Q&A challenge, and multiple-choice questions.

Scavify lets you create and monitor your activities. Or, if you don’t have the time or patience for it, the Scavify team is always there to help you.

9. Thriver

Thriver is a virtual team building platform that offers a wide array of team-building activities to enhance the morale and engagement of your remote teams. These activities include online games like Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery, Scavenger Hunt, and Online Office Olympics.

Thriver offers games and activities with varying duration and pricing. Therefore, you are always free to choose them as per your budget and time.

Team Building Websites: An Easy Way to Inspire Your Remote Teams

Interaction over virtual team-building platforms may not equal direct, face-to-face human interaction. But it can help create a strong bond among employees working remotely. Not only that, it eliminates significant challenges associated with remote working. The team building websites mentioned above can inspire your remote teams boosts their productivity and collaboration.


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