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15 Fun Online Trivia Games to Play with Remote Teams

Online trivia games are the new sensations in the online gaming world. But the concept of trivia is not new. Every one of us would have run into one or two games at least once in our lifetime. Trivia quizzes are all about answering questions about interesting yet trivial facts in various subjects. For example, a pub trivia game or a knowledge puzzle in a weekly magazine.

For generations, trivia have been a preferred pastime activity for many that challenges, in an engaging manner, our general knowledge and enhances collaboration and cordial relationships. However, their scope and reach have become more expansive with the rise of the Information Age and the online gaming environment. 

Moreover, trivia games are not ‘trivial’ in a true sense. According to John Kounios, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Drexel University in Pennsylvania, winning games helps release dopamine in the brain, giving a sense of pleasure benefiting the player’s mental health.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a game enthusiast or simply lookout to try trivia games. The goal of this write-up is to help you create an unforgettable trivia game experience with your family or colleagues. So, let’s start by checking out our list of the 15 best online trivia games that can boost your intellect, camaraderie, and teamwork. 

List of Top 15 Trivia Games

1. FunTrivia

FunTrivia is not just another online trivia quiz game platform. It has a lot to claim for itself, heralding its pioneer status in the arena of trivia games. FunTrivia is the first trivia game website included in the Yahoo directory and is one of the largest trivia games websites in terms of traffic. In addition, FunTrivia was one of the first trivia games platforms that used a community-generated content model. In early 2000, it also pioneered the ‘Ask a Question’ model in which visitors could ask a trivia question and get answers from other players.

Currently, this platform contains over one million trivia questions in more than 140 thousand quizzes. All these questions are categorized into nearly sixteen thousand topics, and over 4,000 different contributors submit all these. Quizzes are created and submitted by the community members for anyone to play for free.

Members without paid subscriptions play most games on this trivia games platform and choose every user-created quiz. Gold Membership, a subscription option for frequent players, is also available in FunTrivia. A Gold Member can answer as many quizzes as they like, save them and receive points. They can also play Pot of Gold, a trivia game where players answer questions on a different topic every day. Other Gold Membership features include quiz analysis options and no ads among the few. 

2. Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator is a free online trivia game platform that engages you and your friends, family, and colleagues in an interactive trivia battle. You can choose from the six categories that will have a topic of interest for everyone. The gaming platform keeps on updating and adding new content or formulating trivia questions following your changing questions of interest. So, it would help if you didn’t forget to check their latest trivia questions frequently. Preferably, one person should don the role of the host, share the game on their screen and go through all the questions. Always keep an eye on the score, as the competition is only half the fun!

3. Fundoo Friday

Fundoo Friday is a popular gaming platform that allows employees to play short, interactive games during breaks. In addition, it will enable HR to organize big online games events such as monthly Townhalls, weekly chit chats, etc., for employees to play with larger groups. These games and online activities would take employee engagement and team building to the next level.

Fundoo Friday offers highly engaging and fun-filled games like Mini Golf and Seven Stones that arouse anyone’s childhood fantasies and nostalgic childhood memories. This popular online gaming platform adds new games every month and lets the player preschedule the games, giving HR more bandwidth to plan and manage the games easily. Moreover, mobile versions are available for all the games offered.

On the trivia games front, Fundoo Friday rolled out Qriosity, a trivia game designed to showcase your ‘curiosity’ for knowledge. You can satiate your thirst for knowledge while tickling your curiosity through a plethora of exciting questions across a vast array of categories.

You can use the customization options and timer-based buzz and answer game. Tips or Life Lines, Team Chat in team games, and Global Chat in multiplayer games are available for gamers. Rapid answering rounds give players a competitive advantage, and the best mode to play Qriosity is via video conferencing. Everything on Fundoo Friday comes with 24X7 access to the gaming platform from anywhere at any time.


4. Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia has become a fun-filled online trivia games tool for social and professional groups. This platform typically automates a quick trivia game weekly, which often turns into your group’s favorite weekly ritual. The trivia quizzes, hand-written by trivia pros, will be delivered to your email inbox weekly. Then you can choose the date or time of your preference for participation and receive the results. You can also customize the quiz length, challenge stages, and categories.

Online trivia games, in general, spark conversations and narratives – a springboard for getting to know each other well. So, if you’re trying to instill a sense of togetherness among your friends or teammates during these trying times, water cooler trivia is a great place to be.

5. Kahoot!

Kahoot is an online game-based learning platform and an online trivia games platform. It allows teachers, coaches, athletes, parents, and organizations to set up fun-filled web-based learning for others. For example, Kahoot is an excellent way to engage your teammates in a fun trivia activity, or coaches can use it with their players to learn more about the sport through a series of fun questions.

Kahoot rolls out two main ways to set up a trivia game. Firstly, using Classic Kahoot, a live host or the organizer sets up a series of questions or trivia, and each participant can access it through a device such as a laptop or a smartphone. Host post the questions by sharing their screen, and participants have a specific time to answer the questions. Everyone plays at the same time. The variety of questions ranges from multiple-choice questions to puzzle to open-ended questions. The Classic Kahoot can also be used as a fun social activity through an online meeting platform such as Zoom.

Secondly, a student-paced challenge where hosts set up a series of questions or trivia for the participants to answer at their own pace at home. The student-paced challenge is an excellent way to test the players’ knowledge on their favorite games or just a fun activity they can efficiently engage at home with quizzes on the sport they love to play. Kahoot offers free and paid premium packages, and the tutorial shows how to go about it. 



Let’s give a break to online trivia games! If you like to play games of every shape and size (including online trivia games), Kiloo is the right place to be. And, you happen to be the right person at the right place at the right time! Kiloo is on a mission to connect gamers from across the globe, and they are doing that by creating the ultimate online gaming portal, with a vast array of free, fun, and ready-to-play games.

Kiloo helps the participants work their reflexes, challenge their minds, or take their mental skills to the next level while playing their favorite games. They got every type of game from challenging trivia games, addictive clicker games, explosive shooter games, and whacky simulators. More than that, new games are added to the platform every month.

This two-decade-old online gaming company strives to bring different games from different creators to gaming enthusiasts. Kiloo is on the journey to create the best online trivia games website letting you relax and enjoy the best of the online gaming world can offer. 

7. Living Facts

Living Facts is an online trivia games platform specifically for Americans. The online gaming platform has created trivia quizzes that will challenge and educate the players in American history. It also comes with several other interesting facts, brainteasers, and trivia question types and options to choose from. You can engage in the trivia quizzes at your leisure or share them on your screen to play with your friends or colleagues. 

8. Jeopardy! On Drivetime

Jeopardy is an internationally well-known online trivia games phenomenon with a hands-free and voice-controlled mobile gaming application that allows you to play online trivia games on the go or an epic road trip. The mobile gaming environment of Jeopardy perfectly fits during a journey or while you are at home doing the dishes. You can also choose your favorite topic and challenge yourself with brain-teasing questions.

9. TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker is a perfect online trivia game platform that can make your next virtual event – either at work, among your friends, or with your family – an engaging and lively event. TriviaMaker rolls out four different game designs – grid, list, trivia, and wheel – to choose from. First, you need to pick the design that fits best, and TriviaMaker will take care of the rest. 

10. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another popular online trivia game. The gaming goal of Trivia Crack is to win all six characters on the spinning wheel. The characters consist of various trivia topics and categories ranging from art, science, entertainment, sports, and entertainment to geography, popular culture, and history. You can play Trivia Crack with your friends or other trivia enthusiasts, but the first player who attains all the characters wins! In between rounds, the player can also give incentives for the correct answer, and minor penalties for the wrong answer make it more interesting.

11. Family Trivia

Family Trivia is a fun and interactive online trivia games platform where you can play with your family, friends, and colleagues. This online gaming platform by Berkshire Museum has compiled several trivia quizzes that suit children of eight years and above. The trivia is hosted by Peter Liffers, the Experience Manager who creates and manages programming and events at Berkshire Museum. Every question is always taken out from the domains of art, science, and history. A player shouldn’t forget to check the gaming platform frequently to get updated information regarding the time and venue of the online live trivia nights that are perfectly fit for a family trivia game night.

12. Triviaplaza

Triviaplaza, a trendy online trivia game website, is created and maintained by Peter Meindertsma, a freelance animation and rigging expert. He made it in 2001. After several rounds of updating through the years, Triviaplaza currently has more than 1, 20,000 questions in more than 4,000 different quizzes. Most of these popular trivia quizzes are on topics ranging from Pop Music, Movies, Geography to Science, Computers, Literature, Classical Music, and much more.

Peter Meindertsma has also created other online trivia games sites such as,, and Actionquiz is a quizzing event where human players compete with Artificial Intelligence (AI) opponents.

13. PoppyQuiz

The team behind PoppyQuiz has created a super intuitive online trivia games environment where you can interactively play with your friends, family, and colleagues. Choose a trivia question topic of your choice, and PoppyQuiz has over 200 of them! The gaming rounds begin once you challenge your opponent to a trivia face-off. Each trivia match consists of six rounds, and it concludes with one bonus round.

14. Virtual Trivia

Sporcle has created Virtual Trivia for those who miss going to the pub for a trivia night. Instead, you can grab a beer at the comfort of your home and enjoy the awesome online trivia games by Sporcle. All you need to do is sign-up for a time slot, invite your friends or colleagues and log into Zoom, the popular virtual meeting application. Virtual Trivia provides every player with an opportunity to win prizes while satisfying your intellectual prowess and solidifying your friendships.

15. League of Quiz

League of Quiz is a free online quiz game that can take you to an ultimate trivia gaming experience. It lets you face off against your friends and family or play it solo. This trivia game can genuinely challenge your brain with hundreds of tough questions to answer. Unfortunately, League of Quiz is only available for Android currently.

Well, that is the list of the trending online trivia games for everyone, particularly those who love gaming, should explore and make good use of. Online trivia games never fail to provide an exciting time for everyone participating. Next time you plan a virtual meeting, set aside some time for a trivia night and make sure you check out these online trivia games platforms. Each one of these online gaming platforms not only helps business teams work better together but also provides you and your gaming partners with an endless tickle of excitement and laughter.

If you are looking for excellent trivia game ideas to play at your next virtual team event, family gatherings, high school reunion, or any dinner party, the internet is the best place to be. You can find tons of themed online trivia games to enhance virtual team-building activities in a business organization.

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