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Seven Trust Building Activities

Trust Building Activities

Seven Trust Building Activities

Top Seven Trust Building Activities to Try with Your Team

An enterprise’s or business’ success depends on the efficiency of the various teams working for the company. The business success philosophy is so simple that these teams operate smoothly and efficiently only when team members trust each other. That is because when team members trust each other, they help each other in the hope that the favor will be returned when needed.When an employee joins a workplace, the first thing they will look forward to is their colleagues. More than that, colleagues determine to a greater extent how employees love their jobs. But that doesn’t mean you can put 20 random employees into a room and expect them to get along overnight. It takes time and requires adequate resources to develop resilient bonds among team members.One of the easiest ways to boost camaraderie among your employees is by regularly scheduling trust-building activities for teams. Depending on your organization’s shape, size, and scope, you can implement them once a month or quarter.If your mind turns blank when thinking about what kinds of trust-building activities can be implemented in your company, here is the list of the top seven trust-building activities to get you started.

List of Top Trust Building Activities

1. Icebreaker Questions

Icebreakers – one of the classic trust building activities – ranging from a silly question (for example, ‘if you could be a fictional character, which one it would be?) to a series of questions related to an employee’s personal and professional lives. Other icebreaker questions include asking about an employee’s hobbies, pet projects, or nostalgic events. Icebreakers are excellent trust building activities because they allow team members to learn about each other personally. Those questions can also explore employees’ vulnerabilities, depending on which questions are asked, and builds trust among the team. These questions should be shared with the employees in advance.

2. Perfect Square

Perfect Square is also known as Blind Square. These trust building activities for teams require your employees to stand in a circle holding a rope. First, you should blindfold them and instruct them to drop the rope. Next, instruct them to take a few steps from where they were standing. Finally, the goal of this game is to let them take up the rope from the ground and work together to bring it out in a perfect square. These trust building activities teach your team mutual dependency and strive to achieve goals together.

3. Slice and Dice

To implement these trust building activities, you must instruct your employees to stand in two lines facing each other. Then allow them to extend their arms out and intersect each other. Finally, the person at the end of the line will walk down the aisle, and each teammate will raise their arms to allow their safe passage. These trust building activities for teams are also known as the trust wave. The person passing through the aisle and the intersecting arms must be brave and trust their team members to raise their arms in time.

4. Scavenging Game

If your employees love one of the classic trust building activities for teams, Scavenging Game is one of the popular trust building activities, especially during holidays. In an excellent old-fashioned scavenging game, break up your team into small groups and allow them to find the items as quickly as possible. These items can be fancy collectible items. Of course, you must let your teams start scavenging from different areas, so they don’t clash. Team members will be compelled to work closely during these trust building activities. The first team that collects every item on the scavenging list wins.

5. Virtual Trust Building Activities

The future of work is defined by both remote and hybrid teams. For example, many of the above-mentioned trust building activities won’t work if your employees are located in different parts of the world. But, today, many trust building activities for teams can be initiated in virtual workspaces like Slack or Zoom. The easiest way is to subscribe to online gaming platforms like Fundoo Friday. This platform gives out online trivia games like Qriosity that promote teambuilding by quenching the employees’ thirst for knowledge. These virtual trust building activities can also create a compelling, fun work ambiance by answering icebreaker questions. In addition, Fundoo Friday offers games like Seven Stones and Mini golf that can awaken your inner child and take you back to your old nostalgic childhood days.

6. Human knot

The human knot is one of the classic trust building activities that can bring your team members closer. First, you must arrange your team members in a circle in the Human Knot game. Then each team member reaches their right hand across the circle and holds the right hand of another team member. Then, again, each team member comes across with their left hand and holds the left hand of a different team member. The aim of these trust building activities for teams is to make a circle again without letting go of anyone’s hands. This activity tests your teams’ communication skills, particularly their listening capabilities in a chaotic situation. Physical proximity also creates a feeling of closeness, which builds trust among team members.

7. Five Minute Lecture

Five Minute Lecture is one of the simple trust building activities for teams. Each team member gets five minutes to lecture about any topic in this activity. It would be apt to provide at least a week for your team members to prepare for the game. The topic should be their interest or passion, like history or science, or about themselves. The participants can use power points and other visual tools to do the lecture. Lectures can also be quickly done online, making it apt for remote teams.

Trust Is All That Matters

Regarding lectures, team members can do it on their team’s favorite topics. Likewise, the trust building activities for teams mentioned above can be played per the tastes and desires of your employees. The ultimate goal is to get team members close and learn more about each other. Ultimately, when the whole team shares their passions and interests, it can lead to more trust and understanding among your employees.
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