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Virtual Employee Engagement Activities & Ideas

10 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities & Ideas to Keep Employees Happy

Can we all admit that employee happiness plays a pivotal role in running a better business? You can fetch everything – higher customer satisfaction, more productive deliverables, and whatnot – by keeping your workforce pleased at any point of time. Hence, keeping employees happy is the top priority of any company. But the question is how in this covid situation? When everyone is working from home. Today in this article, we will be talking about some virtual employee engagement activities to keep your employees happy. 

Let us first talk about the reasons to justify your investment to harness a pacified team which are as follows:

  • Happy employees bring a creative atmosphere to your workplace. As you know, creativity is a mandatory entity to meet business goals.
  • You can find better analytical capabilities, accuracy, and precision when an employee’s brains ooze with happy hormones.
  • Do you have an upcoming deal? Keep your employees happy and increase the chances of closing it successfully.
  • Productivity is synonymous with a happy workforce. So, your business becomes highly productive with contented employees.
  • Also, happy employees have a higher retention rate and stay loyal to your company in the long haul.
  • Critical departments like sales and customer care demand smiling faces. Not the fake one, but employees who are happy from within.

Indeed, employee happiness is a must-have attribute for your company. However, only 29% of staff in a company are satisfactorily happy. What about the remaining 71%? They demand some extra attention and care from the employers to accelerate their happiness meters.

But how do you achieve a contended team, especially when they are working remotely? Here’s the drill! You can practice the following ten virtual employee engagement ideas to practice a merrier workplace. Keep reading!

Top 10 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

Puzzle Hunt for Your Remote Team

Puzzles are nostalgic for all of us! Surprisingly, puzzles can be the best way to instill happiness among your dull employees. Besides, such online employee engagement activities indirectly stimulate productivity and strategic thinking among your team members. Also, you can look at preaching better employee collaborations in your company. That’s a one-shot, multiple-target idea!

You can host online puzzle hunts, as virtual engagement activities to give a break from mundane tasks to your employees. Ask them to form teams and participate in the contest of solving the puzzle within a stipulated timeline. Additionally, you can declare lucrative perks for the winners and inject a competitive spirit through it.

Ultimately, you will find teams showcasing a higher collaborative mindset, out-of-the-box thinking, and eagerness to achieve goals. What’s the final impact? It’s happier employees who praise your thoughtful efforts, simple!


2. Rewards and Recognition Must Go On!

Rewards and Recognition
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Planting a seed isn’t sufficient. You require watering and caring for them from time to time to find a healthy sapling. Employees are nothing but the seeds that grow into success for your company. So, attending to their mental state is mandatory. And when it comes to looking after your team, you cannot forget rewards and recognition, can you?

The show must not stop even during a virtual presence. So, why not organize a rewards and recognition program online as part of your virtual employee engagement activities? Yes, you can do that to inform your team that the company cares for their efforts. They would dedicate themselves to achieve business targets more after realizing that their employers value their attempts. Also, it will boost their confidence in performing better every time.

Besides, you can also prepare a graded rewards scheme, with better-performing individuals receiving more lucrative awards. Such a pyramidal structure will encourage all members to get out of their comfort zones and exceptionally perform to grab higher recognition. Finally, with this remote employee engagement idea you will watch happy employees, who have a higher probability of staying with your agency for the most extended period.

3. Give a Shot to Themed Apparels

Give a Shot to Themed Apparels
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Most of your remote employees spend the least effort in looking presentable while working. They have no one to please during most of the working hours and hang out in “pajamas” mostly. That’s why we call a work-from-home scheme to be a pajama culture, after all! However, it has a dreaded impact! Your team is more prone to lose their productivity and working spirit without confidently dressing up during operation hours.

What’s the remedy? You need to debunk the boring office culture and practice something creative as a part of online employee engagement activities. How about a themed apparel day? Yes, you can do that by asking your employees to figure out their favorite fictional characters, actors, or even MCU characters. Furthermore, you can decide a specific day on which the team will dress up as their favorite characters, as decided earlier.

Such an initiative will retrieve smiles on your employees’ faces and make them productive, yet again. Besides, you can also encourage your workforce to appear presentable when working remotely. Educate them about how dressing up can improve their performance during work hours. That’s it! You will find happy employees and better work outcomes at any point in time.

4. Declutter Irrelevant Team Meetings

Declutter Irrelevant Team Meetings
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Team meetings have gained an impetus since the inception of pandemic-led remote-working culture. Most companies conduct numerous online meetups to compensate for the face-to-face interaction, or tracking work progresses efficiently. Whatever the case may be, your team has a high chance of getting annoyed and unhappy due to frequent catch-ups in a day.

Can you do something to fix this? Of course! You need to assemble with your workforce to figure out unnecessary and irrelevant meetings. Finally, you can screen the productive catch-ups and prepare a list of all the least-important ones. Now, you can completely cut off those meetings from your agenda.

You can even extract their goals and include them within priority meetings to effectively cover everything. The results of all these efforts will be happier and satisfied employees. You can offer anxious and burdened employees a huge sigh of relief by canceling irrelevant online catch-ups. Isn’t it a good virtual employee engagement idea? As, decluttering unimportant meetings will make your team believe that their employers believe in them firmly.

5. Employee Appreciation Days can be a Game-Changer

Employee Appreciation Days
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Like any other human being, your employees crave continuous assurance and appreciation from the company. However, appreciation and praise vanish when operating the business online. Consequently, your team possesses dull morale and tends to remain more unhappy than ever before. So, you can estimate that workforce appreciation is a crucial parameter, regardless of on-site or remote work.

However, you can take employee appreciation to an all-new level by organizing Employee Appreciation Day. The world celebrates Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday of March. You can also implement this as one of remote employee engagement ideas and celebrate the day by doing something extra to acknowledge your team’s efforts throughout the year.

You can host virtual meetings to appreciate and applaud high-performing employees as a part of virtual employee engagement activities. Also, your company can send goodies and care boxes to the employees to appreciate their hard work. Besides, you can even recognize the employees on social media, primarily LinkedIn. A company might identify the best employees and post their credits on the official website for additional benefits. All these initiatives will promote your workforce to perform better in the long run.

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6. Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Prioritize Work-Life Balance
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Many posts and articles blather about the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Unfortunately, few companies take notes from them. What’s the impact? It’s overburdened and stressed employees, having no enthusiasm to work. So, as a measure of virtual employee engagement ideas you can offer the necessity of providing your workforce with enough “me-time”.

Since the advent of work-from-home culture, the operational hours have stretched beyond 9-5. Many organizations compel their workforce to remain operational during late nights even! The result is highly displeasing, however. You can change the scenario under the virtual employee engagement activities scheme by encouraging the teams to maintain a work-life balance and save their productivity every day.

You can host virtual summits to educate your employees about the work-life balance. Also, you require becoming proactive in keeping the business hours restrictive without adding excess burdens on individual teammates. Finally, you can find happy employees and team members oozing with excitement and a creative mindset.

7. Invest in Monday Trivia

Trivia for Employee Engagement
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You came to know about weekly contests to boost employee confidence but are you doing it on the wrong days? That’s a worth-pondering question for every employer! You can ruin the game of employee engagement by offering quizzes on Sundays. Believe it or not, Sundays are perfect holidays for your teams. So, let your employees spend the day as they like.

The ball is in your court on Monday! So, you can send weekly contests to all employees on Mondays and call them “Monday Trivia”. According to some research, your team stays highly productive on Monday. Consequently, they have higher engagement rates on the first day of the week. Also, they will never complain about ruined Sundays when scheduling such competitions on the next day. Sounds like a perfect virtual employee engagement idea! Right? 

You can also host online trivia game for your team at Fundoo FridayOn the trivia games front, Fundoo Friday rolled out Qriosity, a trivia game designed to showcase your ‘curiosity’ for knowledge.

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8. Offer Virtual Employee Upskilling

Virtual Employee Upskilling
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Employees, primarily millennials, look for scopes of learning and upskilling in their organizations. Your company might not provide enough training sessions to the employees when operating online. So, your employees might remain slightly disappointed by the fact that they cannot grow when committing to their organizations.

Debunk the happening by offering virtual grooming and training sessions to your workforce. You can collect feedback from the team on the subjects they would love to learn. Finally, you can invite notable speakers online and provide your employees with effective courses. Such efforts will drive high virtual employee engagement and keep them happy with your organization.

Also, you can buy course packages from reputed platforms like Udemy and Coursera for the employees to access free resources at any point in time. The team will be happy to know that their company offers certification programs that help in their professional growth.

9. Rethink Orientation for New Employees

Orientation for New Employees

Virtual business brings a change to almost everything, including orientation ceremonies. Nowadays, onboarding is not limited to legacy orientation as the newbies cannot witness the business culture and other employees closely. So, you require walking some extra miles to get your new team members on the right track in your organization.

You can curate virtual summits and schedule conference calls with existing employees to discuss various business aspects with the new ones. Such a measure will help your fresh staff get well-acquainted with the environment and rapidly take up responsibilities.

Additionally, you can send them starter kits and goodies as a part of virtual employee engagement ideas to begin their professional journeys effortlessly. Gift hampers like care packages and nutritional supplements will be the best start for new employees. All in all, you will encounter happy employees and more referrals to exceptional candidates for your company.

10. Opt for virtual midwork events

Opt for virtual midwork events
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Midwork events have always attracted employees. It gives relaxation to them in between hectic work schedules. So why not continue the midwork event culture and opt for virtual events or celebrations. It could be virtual birthday celebrations, 2 minute stand-ups by employees, a virtual concert, some contest, and much more.

These event breaks create a cheerful environment among co-workers and boost up the energy of employees to a great extent. They are not so time consuming but can give a great sigh of relief to employees in between the heavy work schedules. 

Wrapping Up!

Who knew that virtual employee engagement activities would become so essential for your workforce! All credits to the virtual-working culture that companies need to invest in employee happiness more than ever. You can try out the above ideas and activities to keep your workforce contended and ever-inspired to enthusiastically work.

Besides, you can brainstorm more creative virtual employee engagement ideas and implement them in your workforce. But never overdo your attempts as they might affect the employees negatively. They may feel such activities to be a burden, resulting in lower employee engagement. So, strike a balance between too much and too little when practicing virtual employee engagement activities for your workforce.

Hope you liked our ideas of virtual employee engagement and would implement them with your team. Also, do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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