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Virtual Games To Play On Zoom With Coworkers

24 Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers in 2021

Virtual Games To Play On Zoom With Coworkers

24 Virtual Games To Play On Zoom With Coworkers

Zoom became our saviour in the Covid 19 pandemic and it continues to do so. However, zoom isn’t just a professional platform for you and your co-workers. It is a highly collaborative platform where you can socialise, organise events and even play games! However, why is it crucial to include games and other such events in your workplace culture? It can get exhausting working all day, every day, in front of a screen, all alone.

Previously, the lunch hour chit-chat and leisure time used to be a fun way to de-stress yourself from the workload. But, now that it’s not possible anymore, engaging in fun activities like games and puzzles on zoom could just be the solution to rejuvenate yourself. There are a lot of games that you can play online using zoom as it provides an effective way to collaborate in making virtual teams and enhancing team spirit. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing zoom games you can play with your friends and co-workers! 

List of Virtual Games to Play on Zoom with Coworkers

Here is an overview of some high-impact zoom games to play with coworkers. 

1. Dumb Charades


A fun zoom game to play with coworkers in which you will get to learn how bad your teammates are at communicating without words. Watch your teammates make hilarious gestures while everyone else scratches their head in puzzlement trying to decipher what’s being said.

How to Play:

  • The host will randomly select any participant and will share a movie name or a famous dialogue on the participant’s personal chat.
  • The participants need to act out the same, without speaking and by only using gestures
  • Other participants have to guess the right answer and share the same on the chat.
  • The participant with correct answer gets the points.

2. Murder Mystery


A thrilling zoom game to play with colleagues where you find the hidden killer among the players! In this game, the participants would have to solve interesting riddles that were shared with them in order to find the killer among them. The game will get more and more intense as they will continue to solve riddles on their hunt for the killer among them, the one with the most right answers will be the detective who will bring the killer to justice and win!

How to Play

  • There are murder mystery riddles that will be shared with the participants on chat.
  • The participants needs to find the killer/reason and share the same over chat.
  • The participant with correct answer gets the points.

3. Guess that Gibberish

In this exciting team building zoom game, the host will share random jumbled sentences with the players in the chat. Now, what the participants have to do is guess and share the right sentences from gibberishes they are given within a minute! Seems simple right? But would you be able to guess the sentences in this fun game, well come and find out!

How to Play

  • The host will share a random jumbled sentence in the chat.
  • The participants must guess the exact/actual sentence and share the same on the chat, within a minute.
  • The  participant who guesses it correctly, gets the point.

4. Scattegories

Scattegories is an exhilarating game where predetermined categories would be chosen before the game itself and then shared with the participants. How the game will progress is that the host will say a random alphabet and then the participants would have to come up with a name or thing related to the categories shared. It’s a fun game to check the players knowledge!

How to Play:

  • There will be certain predefined categories that will be shared with the participants before starting the game.
  • The host will randomly say an alphabet.
  • The participants have to write a name/thing related to the categories shared with them.
  • The participant with maximum numbers of correct answer gets the points.

5. Letter Scavenger Hunt

Go on a little scavenger hunt with your team virtually! Letter Scavenger Hunt is a great game to play on Zoom with coworkers who like a little adventuring. With the clock’s hand ticking and waiting for it to come a full circle, you have to collect as many trinkets as possible with the provided alphabet by the host. Tik-Tok goes the clock, find as many treasures as you can. 

How to Play: 

  • The host will randomly say an alphabet e.g. A, D, Z so on.
  • The participants need to collect as many things as possible starting from the same alphabet in the time span of 1 min.
  • The participant with maximum numbers of items gets the points.


In this exciting game of “Taboo”, the host will choose a “clue giver” and share a secret word with them. The twist would be that the “clue giver” would have to explain the word to other players without saying any sentences or actions but explain it by only using alternative words and things related to it! The lorded winner would be chosen on the basis of who has the most correct answers, you will have to watch and see as the players try to puzzle the words that the “clue giver” is trying to tell them about!

How to Play:

  • The host will randomly select players as a “Clue Giver”.
  • The host will share a word with that player in his/her personal chat.
  • That player must explain the word to the other players but without any actions or saying sentences but only by using alternate words, things related to that word. E.g., If the word is Vermicelli, then you can use words like all-purpose flour, noodles, milk, sweet dish etc.

  • The participant who comes up with maximum numbers of correct words, gets the point.

7. Live Escape Rooms

live escape Room - Zoom Game

Source: Country Living Magazine

Escape rooms are one of the most mind-boggling and fascinating games one can play. In recent years, virtual or live versions of escape rooms have been getting more and more popular. Hence, if you are looking for a challenging virtual zoom game, they will be a perfect option.

There are many free and paid live escape room games out there, and so you should not have any difficulties finding something that will work for your team. These games can foster collaborations and teamwork as you and the rest of your team have to work together to go through different rooms.

While playing escape rooms, the team needs to solve riddles and complete different kinds of puzzles. It needs to be done within a specific time in an attempt to “escape the room.” For your virtual team building, you can divide the group into several teams and have them compete on which one escapes the room first or finishes a certain number of rooms first.

8. Ice Breaker Questions

Ice Breaker Questions - Zoom Game

Source: Childs Work Childs Play

It is always a great idea to start your team engagement with some fun icebreaker questions, as this helps to reduce tension and calm everyone. Additionally, icebreaker games can work for almost any team size, whether you have just a couple of remote employees or hundreds.

You do not have to spend a lot of time preparing ice breaker questions as you can use a hosted service that will prepare them automatically. Also, you can make the game a continuous activity for your remote team as there is a leaderboard for those that might want to get a little competitive.

Here are a few examples of icebreaker questions you can include in your team building games.

  • What is the one job you have always wanted to do?
  • Who is your favorite basketball player?
  • Which food do you have most and why?
  • Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

9. Hosted Virtual Trivia

Hosted Virtual Trivia - Zoom Game

Source: SocialPoint

If you have a team that loves playing trivia, this can make a fantastic virtual game to play on zoom. You do not need to struggle setting up the event as there are some trivial games hosted online like fundoo friday Trivia, which you can be sure your remote workforce will love.

If you want to use the Fundoo Friday Trivia game for your team building sessions, there is nothing much to do just sign up at the Fundoo Friday website if you are not already an existing user and if you already have an account just sign in. And when you are ready with your team just open up the fundoo friday site, sign in, go to the game section and choose the trivia game. 

Fundoo Friday trivia games have some interesting categories that would not leave you wanting more. For example: Famous things trivia, Entertainment vs Science trivia questions, Guess the emoji and Harry Potter quizzes and trivia. Seems fun right? You can play all these and more on fundoo friday trivia games!

To play trivia with coworkers, sign up at Fundoo Friday

10. Live Scavenger Hunt

live scavenger Hunt - Zoom Games

Source: Good Housekeeping

This is quite a simple game to play on Zoom with coworkers. But despite its simplicity, it is still fun for the entire team.

There is no hosting required for this game, meaning you will not have to pay for anything. All you need is to develop a list of items found in most homes and share it with the rest of the team. For example, you can include items like a mug, self-help book, a selfie with a pet, teddy bear, etc., on the list. Now, each member has to find the items on the list. The team player who gets all the items first or before the time runs out wins the game.

Learn More:  Live Scavenger Hunt

11. Zoom Masked Singer

Zoom masked singer

Source: Radio Times

Singing competitions are always fantastic for team building, and you can easily set up one for your virtual team. As the team leader, you should choose a popular song you are sure most of your team members can sing and start a Zoom conference call.

However, to add some fun to this Zoom team building game and make it competitive, you should give every member of the team some alias names. You can switch off the videos so no one can see the singer. Once every player completes singing the song, you should ask them to vote for the best singer. The one with more votes is the winner!

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12. 5 Things

5 Things Zoom Game

Source: Pinterest

5 Things is an impromptu game that can be highly useful at fostering collaboration among your remote team, and it is also quite fun to play. Additionally, it is simple for everyone to grasp and easy to play when attending a Zoom conference call.

Once everyone is online, you should ask one team member to think of a topic and name 5 things related to that topic.  For example, the topic can be basketball, and the player has to name things pertaining to the sport, and it can be anything, even player positions or rules. The player must then choose another team member to repeat the same but make sure you have a time limit for coming up with a subject like, for example, 10 seconds.

13. Bingo

Source: Pixabay

A high-impact Zoom team building game called bingo is competitive and engaging enough for any group. What makes bingo fantastic is that it is quite a familiar game that almost anyone can play. You can also customize and adjust the playing rules to help teach essential employee virtues like critical thinking.

Here is how to play this virtual game on zoom in a few simple steps.

  • Distribute the virtual bingo game board to everyone on the team.
  • Choose how much time you want to use for the game, for example, one conference call.
  • Players then have to learn information related to the game from coworkers to get points.
  • Ensure players track their progress by marking each completed box.
  • The first player to finish marking the entire board wins the game.
Learn More: How to Play

14. Tiny Campfires

TIny Campfires - Zoom Games

Source: Inverse

Online Zoom team building games can still be as nostalgic as the physical ones. And, a little campfire game is enough evidence of this. This game provides an engaging semi-virtual experience, explaining why it is one of the most popular games for virtual teams.

This game has an actual campfire (a tiny one), and so when setting up, you have to gather a few things such as crackers, marshmallows, and a small tealight candle. You can even make packages with everything required and send them to the team member beforehand.

Once everyone has everything required, you can start your virtual game. Overall the tiny campfire entails camp-related activities like storytelling, trivia, and other games like truth and dare. Hence, it provides an opportunity for coworkers to share experiences and have fun. You can have everyone tell their favorite camp stories or set up trivia for everyone to participate.

15. Blackout Truth or Dare

Blackout Truth or Dare - Zoom Game

Source: APK4Now 

A Zoom version of truth and dare is guaranteed to impress even the most anti-social employee, and so it makes a fantastic addition to your virtual team building games.

To play this game on Zoom with coworkers, you can start as the host and prompt one player for truth or dare. It can be something general like “what is your real age?”. The player then chooses whether to answer the question or skip it. An answered truth or completed dare allows the player to prompt another one and so on.

Learn More: Truth or Dare

16. 2 Truths and 1 Lie

2 Truths and 1 Lie - Zoom Game

Source: Venture Team Building 

2 truths and 1 lie is a conference call-friendly game, making it an ideal game to play on Zoom with coworkers. With this game, you need to give each participant a few minutes to come up with 2 truths and 1 lie. Make sure they are relatively simple things that are possible to guess.

The participants should then share the three facts with the rest of the team to guess the lie. Every correct guess is a point and whoever has the most points when you finish wins the game.

17. Typing Speed Race

Typing Speed test - Zoom Game

Source: Pinterest  

Even as you give your team some break via online games, it is also a great idea to use the moment to help them improve skills they can use at work. Hence, a competitive game that enhances employees’ skills, like a typing speed race, can be fantastic.

You can use online tools like for this game. Here, there are 1-minute typing challenges that the team can take and then post the scores to compare who types the fastest.

18. Murder in Ancient Egypt

Murder in Ancient Egypt - Zoom Game

Source: Columbia College

Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are essential for your team. Murder in ancient Egypt can help teach these skills, and it is also quite fun and engaging for the team. The game aims to solve a murder mystery.

There are different mechanics in the game, such as escape rooms and puzzles. These mechanics will force the team to work together to solve the mystery murder before time runs out. An excellent way to foster collaboration and enhance competitiveness is to divide your team into a few groups and have them compete on which one solves the mystery the fastest.

19. War of the Wizards

War of the Wizards - Zoom Game

Image: Pixabay

War of the wizards is a story of wizards that have been at war for a long time, but nobody knows why. It is a storytelling game, and your remote workforce takes the role of wizard minions and has to cast spells to overcome different challenges.

War of the wizards is a hosted game that takes around one and a half hours to play. It will be a fantastic game to play on Zoom with coworkers if your staff loves role-playing and storytelling. This game encourages collaboration as the team needs to work together to win.

Paly War of the Wizards

20. Online Dance Party

Online Dance Party - Zoom Game

Source: Pinterest

A high-energy dance party can help lift spirits in the middle of a long Zoom conference and works well as part of your virtual games to play over zoom.

There are different ways to add dance parties to your conference calls. For example, you can start meetings with a few minutes of high-energy dancing. However, make sure that you have a good playlist with danceable songs.

21. Guess the Emoji

Guess the emoji - Zoom Game

Source: Twitter

Well, there is always that one emoji or several of them that you use when texting to showcase your feelings or emotions. If you know your peers or workmates well enough, it is easier to guess what they convey through emojis.

To play this game, you can arrange a set of emojis in such a way that it represents either a song, movie name, or anything meaningful. You can then ask team members to guess what the answer could be. Whoever guesses most answers right can be the winner. Therefore, guess the emoji can be a fantastic zoom game to play with coworkers.

22. DIY Craft Challenge

DIY craft challenge - Zoom Game


Sometimes you might want to give your remote team some break from the monotony of regular Zoom team building games. In such instances, a simple DIY craft challenge can be fantastic.

You can have the team build something specific or think of something they can make within a limited time, like 30 minutes, using materials available at home only. The team members can showcase their creativity online and vote for the creation they find more interesting. Thus, it is fun and rejuvenating.

23. Language Class

language class - Zoom game

Source: Creative Language Class 

In this game to play on Zoom with coworkers, each player has to choose a phrase or word in a foreign language. You should then present these words and some basic clues to the rest of the team, and they have to guess what the phrase or word means using the hints. For example, “amigos.” It is a French word meaning “best friends.”

Similarly, some language class games enable you to present a sentence with some blanks. The participants must fill in the blanks with appropriate words or phrases. For instance, “Rohit ___ from his bed.” The answer here would be “fell.”

The language class is perfect if you are in charge of a workforce with individuals from different parts of the world or those who speak different languages. Besides allowing the team to learn something different, they also embrace a different culture from theirs.

24. Read My Lips

Read my lips - Zoom game

Source: Guide2Research 

It is common for sound to go mute on a Zoom call, whether intentional or unintentional. But, you can also use this predicament to create an interesting zoom team building game. Here, one of the team members mutes their microphone and then utters a phrase or word.

The others then have to guess the phrase or word by reading their lips. Also, the player can provide some hints in the chatbox to make it easier to guess.

Bottom Line

If you are in charge of a remote team, you have to develop creative ways of fostering collaboration and keeping the group motivated. Some high-impact Zoom team building games, as mentioned above, are an excellent place to start.

However, it is crucial to choose your games wisely as you need them to be engaging enough and fun to encourage the team to play. Overly complicated games will not achieve their primary role, i.e., bringing the group together.

Ultimately, the games to play on Zoom with coworkers should help you encourage collaboration, foster teamwork, and give the employees a much-needed break.

If you are missing the breakaway activities in this progressive remote work culture, you can enjoy a plethora of online games along with these Zoom team building games on platforms like Fundoo Friday. 

FAQ: Zoom Games

What are zoom games?

Bingo, spreadsheet battleship, five clicks away are some of the thrilling games you can play on zoom. Zoom games are a way to instill some fun and recreation activities that one can engage in to promote a healthy and happy workplace environment. This way, we get to socialise and interact with our colleagues in the comfort of our home.

What are the other requirements to play over zoom?

Playing online games on Zoom is very simple. You don’t have to through any complex procedures or hassle all day to figure out the technicalities. To play online games on Zoom, all you require is a compatible device like a laptop or a mobile phone with a good internet connection. It’s better to connect to WiFi instead of using mobile data or personal hotspot to get better quality video and audio.

What are games can be played over zoom?

Dumb charades or a classic murder mystery party would always be our go-to games for a get-together or a friday night office party. Worry not, you can still play these games on Zoom! And what’s more? Put your Sherlock hat on and find a way out of live escape rooms or get your nerdy glasses and win that trivia game night! And how we can’t forget the classic Bingo!

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